Healthy Food Choices to Improve Your Employees’ Workplace Experience

One of the best ways to improve employee morale and performance is to stock the office kitchen with healthy food choices. Instead of stocking the fridge with a bunch of sodas, and having an open container of donuts or cookies on the table, you should bring in some healthy alternatives. That doesn't mean that you need to simply stock water and broccoli. There are healthy things that taste good and won't cause your employees to think that they are working at some obsessive health resort.

Organic Tea, Coffee, and Naturally Flavored Seltzer Water

While most people think of foods, you need to also address healthy beverages. You should make sure to stock organic coffee and teas. Choose some quality coffees (perhaps single source) and a variety of healthy teas (white, green, earl gray). Also, instead of stocking the fridge with lots of sugary sodas, you should bring in flavored seltzer water. There are brands that are naturally flavored and don't have sugar.

Bullet Blender for Smoothies

One of the best things to get for the kitchen is a small blender (the ones that are often called bullet blenders). These can be used to make single serve smoothies. If you stock the fridge with things such as frozen berries, almond milk, bananas, and even spinach, then your employees can make themselves a really awesome drink. The one thing to keep in mind is that these blenders can make a bit of noise (especially if you are blending up frozen fruit or ice). So, it's best if your kitchen is located a distance from the office space or there is some sort of door that can be closed so that the noise will be quelled.

Food Service Delivery Program Featuring Gluten Free and Sugar Free Sweets

Your employees need to eat, not just drink smoothies and organic teas and coffee. So, that is where a good food delivery service comes in handy. Instead of relying on picking up pastries from the supermarket (which are likely filled with unhealthy sugars, white flours, and other unhealthy ingredients) you should bring in good, healthy treats. Contact a food service program and arrange for them to bring in healthy foods. You can get muffins that are made with almond flour and honey, instead of white flour and refined sugar. You can also bring in whole wheat rolls and bagels and healthy granola bars that are made with maple syrup or honey. It would also be a cool idea to have the food service program deliver platters of fresh cut vegetables, nuts, and fruit.