Do You Have A Daytime Care Center For Children Or Adults? What Emergency Supplies You Want To Have

When you run a facility like a child or adult care center during the day, you have to be prepared for anything that could happen. If there could be a natural disaster, attack in your area, or another concern, and then you would be stuck inside the facility or your home with these children or people, you have to be sure you can care for them properly. Here are some of the things that you want to have for emergency situations inside your facility.

Bulk Water Savings

If you have to service or care for other people, you need to have a bulk water savings somewhere to store at your facility. You want to call a bulk water delivery service, like Dean's  Waterservice Inc, to get costs for the water that you need, and to see how you can get the water delivered and stored on your property. This is necessary for you to provide fresh water to anyone in the event that you have an emergency and they are in your care.  

Food Storage

Food storage packages and a stash of non-perishable items is a must. Some great ideas for this are items like the following:

  • Power, protein or granola bars
  • Rice or quinoa
  • Dried fruit
  • Meal replacement bars and drinks
  • Crackers

You want items that would leave the people filling filled, and that are nutritious, in case you had to keep everyone inside your home for days. Prepare accordingly to make sure that you would have enough of the items needed.

Toiletries and First Aid Needs

There are some other vital things that you wouldn't want to be without if something happened while being trapped in the house. This includes:

  • Toilet paper
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Band-Aids
  • Bandage wraps
  • Glue for cuts or wounds
  • CPR mask

Create a list and go through to see what items you don't have enough of, and what you would need to last you if there was an emergency.

You want to know that if there was a major power loss, a weathering concern, or another nation or citywide problem, and you had to bunker down with the people that you care for, that you could take care of everyone with your supplies. Set a budget and invest in all the items that you would need to keep everyone healthy during the chaotic time, and so you could try to keep everyone fed, hydrated and as safe as possible.