4 Ways To Make Your Commercial Refrigerator More Energy-Efficient

A commercial refrigerator is a must for any business that handles large quantities of food. However, commercial refrigerators take up a lot of energy. There are steps you can take to reduce the amount of energy your commercial fridge uses.

#1 Invest in Energy-Efficient Equipment

To really decrease your business's energy costs, make sure you are using the right equipment in the first place. You should be using commercial units that are designed to be energy-efficient. If the refrigerators in your business are over a decade old, they are eating up more energy than a newer model. If your refrigerators are more than a decade old, it is worth it to upgrade to equipment that will naturally save you more money.

#2 Keep the Back of Your Fridge Clean

Keeping your unit clean can help reduce the energy your fridge needs to operate. Once a month, pull out your commercial fridges away from the walls. Use a vacuum to remove any dirt and dust that has accumulated on the condenser coils, which are located on the back of your fridge. When your coils are clean, your fridge can operate more effectively. You can also set up your fridge so its easy to vacuum the condenser coils once a month without having to move the fridge, as commercial units can be really heavy and hard to move.

#3 Change the Lights Inside Your Fridge

The lights you use in your fridge contribute to the overall cost of running it. Switch to LED light bulbs for your fridge. They provide you with thousands of hours of light, they don't cost that much to run. Using LED lights in your fridge is another small way you can reduce its energy output.

#4 Check the Refrigerant Fluid Levels

Large commercial fridges use refrigerant to run. Keep an eye on the level of refrigerant fluid in your unit. You should have a gauge where you can see the level and quality of the refrigerant fluid. Once the fluid starts to look bubbly, you need to have a service technician replace the refrigerant fluid in your unit.

Make your commercial refrigerator more energy-efficient by keeping the refrigerant fluid levels up, cleaning off the condenser coils every month, changing to LED light bulbs, and investing in energy-efficient equipment. Reducing the energy output of your fridge will help you reduce your overall energy costs for your entire business. For more information, reach out to companies like Hooten Equipment Company LLC.