A Lunch That Features Seafood

If you enjoy seafood and accompaniments that will bring out the flavors of the seafood, coordinate your lunch menu to include hot or cold seafood sandwiches and complementary salads or side items.

A Sandwich Shop That Offers Delivery

Call a sandwich shop that features seafood sandwiches and provides a delivery option. Inquire about fresh catch specials that rotate daily and standard seafood sandwich varieties that are prepared to order. Hot seafood sandwiches may include breaded and grilled varieties. Cold sandwich varieties may include shrimp or crab salad that is layered between a baked bread product.

Some Homemade Dishes

After reviewing the sandwich styles and the delivery requirements, decide what items you will pair with the sandwiches. Use the estimated amount of time for a delivery to decide how quickly you will need to prepare the rest of the lunch items.

If you choose to purchase a cold seafood sandwich variety, prepare cold salads the night before and keep them chilled. Sliced cucumbers and tomatoes that are tossed with a bed of greens or coleslaw will complement the cool and refreshing taste of a seafood salad sandwich.

If any hot fish items are going to be purchased through the delivery service, complete slicing prep work the night before and blend and cook the ingredients shortly before the sandwiches are due to be delivered. Prepare a batch of homemade fries that can be used for a fish and chips meal or a batch of clam chowder that can be served with a breaded fish variety that is going to be served on top of a warm, toasted bun.

A Couple Alternate Suggestions

If surf and turf style meals are favored by you and the sandwich shop sells solely seafood products, consider pairing a hot or cold fish variety with beef slices or a steak. For any meal items that will feature small pieces of fish, use a knife to cube any meat product that is thick. Once your sandwich is delivered, add the meat to the top layer of the sandwich filling.

If you prefer to have an entire meal delivered or if you are going to be serving sandwiches to a group, contact a sandwich shop that features a list of side orders that can be dropped off with the sandwiches. Trays of salad, fries, or hush puppies will amplify the taste of many fish varieties.

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