How to Serve Prepared Meals At a Party

If you're planning the menu for an upcoming special event and are looking for an easy but delicious option, consider prepared meals. You'll have a wide range of options from which to choose, which keep all of your guests satisfied. 

While serving prepared meals at a party may be a bit more expensive than cooking them yourself, the time you'll save in the kitchen on the big day will be invaluable. Having the food ready to go will free up your time for other things, such as decorations, games, and talking to your guests. 

An easy way to get the food is by ordering them through a prepared meal delivery service. They arrive at your door ready to go, and typically with all of the complementary items, such as salad dressings and sauces. For hot meals, you'll simply need to put them in the oven or microwave, or throw them on the grill if it's an outdoor event. 

Prepared meals are ideal for almost any type of event you're throwing at your home, such as baby and bridal showers, kids' or adults' birthday celebrations, holiday get-togethers, anniversaries, and graduations. You can ask each guest what type of meal they prefer ahead of time, and order the dinners individually. 

Here are some ideas for serving prepared meals at your next party:

1. Pretty Plates and Platters 

One way that you can dress up ready-made meals for a party is with pretty plates and platters. For instance, heat the food according to the instructions, and then put it onto your own festive serving dish or plates. You can even use paper plates that commemorate the occasion, such as ones with "Happy Birthday" or "Merry Christmas" messages. 

Use coordinating cloth or paper napkins and cups as well. The celebratory tableware will give the meals a personalized touch.

2. Add Vegetables or Protein 

If you want to give a prepared meal a bit of a gourmet taste, add your own protein or vegetables. For instance, make a mixed salad even tastier by topping it with grilled salmon, shrimp, or scallops. You can also top it with homemade croutons and dressing.

Vegetables can also make ready-made meals fancier, and will be especially appreciated by the vegans and vegetarians in the crowd. As one idea, add sliced avocados to the tacos you had delivered, or perhaps provide homemade guacamole or salsa as a topping option. 

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