Plant-Based Asian Meal Ideas For Special Events

If you're holding a special event and want to serve an entirely plant-based menu, consider narrowing it down to a specific type of cuisine first. Asian cuisine features a lot of vegetarian and even vegan dishes, and they are sure to please guests of all ages. 

When planning a totally plant-based event menu, you can easily find appetizers and meals that will satisfy even the most enthusiastic meat-eaters. Using fresh, seasonal produce, as well as traditional Asian seasonings and sauces, will make the party food full of flavor.

Plant-based Asian cuisine is appropriate for any type of special event or occasion, including birthday parties, family and corporate holiday get-togethers, reunions, anniversary soirees, bridal and baby showers, and wedding receptions. Depending on the size of the event and your budget, you can either make the food yourself, hire a professional catering company, or place an order from your favorite Asian restaurant. 

Here are some plant-based Asian meals to consider for your next special event.

1. Stir-fries 

You can't go wrong with making stir-fries the star of your event menu. They're so easily customizable, and you can even allow party-goers to make their own by setting up a stir-fry bar. Start by providing cooked noodles and rice, as well as a variety of stir-fry ingredients, such as tofu, cabbage, carrots, scrambled eggs, pineapple, snow peas, and sauce.

After guests fill their plates with their desired items, have an on-site cook heat them up in a wok or fry pan. As another idea, have plates of different types of stir-fries already prepared for attendees to grab and go.

2. Sushi

Sushi is another crowd-pleaser, which guests can easily eat as they mix and mingle. Sushi can be served for lunch, dinner, and even late-night snacks, and there are plenty of plant-based roll options. 

Treat event attendees to sushi rolls filled with ingredients such as avocado, cucumber, tofu, carrots, mixed Japanese pickled vegetables, and even egg. Set out trays filled with a variety of different roll combinations, along with ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce, and have guests fill their own plates. 

If you want to serve sushi as part of a complete meal, include a variety of hot and cold side dishes such as seaweed salad, ginger dressing salad, cucumber salad, miso soup, vegetable dumplings, and mixed vegetable tempura with a dipping sauce. You can either provide guests with take-out containers printed with the event details for any leftovers.

For more information on plant-based Asian meals, contact a professional near you.