Plant-Based Meatless Choices Can Highlight Corporate Responsibility At A Catered Event

Forward-thinking executives often capitalize on trends and position themselves to impress potential customers. Managers who embrace the topical and the innovative can boost a company's image. And this approach could encompass all decisions. When a business decides to run a private catered event, merely serving tried-and-true entree selections can be a missed opportunity as the event could help with branding. Why waste a chance to use the event to get across the company's commitment to social responsibility? How about working with the caterer to provide servings of meatless plant-based food? Doing may offer a novel way to publicize an enterprise's positive image.

Catering and the Nutritional Trend

Plant-based meatless "meat" isn't only about changing up food choices. It represents a movement towards sustainable living. Companies with wellness programs and pledged support to environmental causes might wish to serve such meals at the next big event. And a caterer can also add some innovative choices:

  • Burger Platters: Burgers become front and center of most meatless meals. Serving them on a bun is an option, but a caterer can expand those choices, such as by serving the patties on a plate with chopped vegetables and a special sauce. Now they become an intriguing platter instead of a sandwich.
  • Plant-Based Pasta: Italian sausage is one of the newer ideas for plant-based food. A serving of vegetable pasta with tomato sauce and a heaping amount of the meatless sausage shows how versatile the meatless selections are.
  • Meatless Filler: Meatless ground beef finds itself in numerous popular items. Everything from lasagna to tacos can now be remade with plant-based "ground beef." Maybe someone will try out a new plant-based version of an old favorite.

These are just some plant-centric ideas. A caterer could likely come up with many more. And playing the mix-and-match game is perfectly acceptable, too. Eating a side salad and steamed vegetables with a serving of roast beef is fine. So mixing up the plant-based and regular meat items should be palatable. 

Themes and Images

The catering selections of plant food can connect back to a company's branding and social responsibility strategy. If the company invests in a strategy to reduce its carbon footprint, creative catering could highlight that plan. Cutting back on beef consumption stands as one way people attempt to help the environment. A company can do its part by teaming with a caterer to provide plant-based entrees at the next private event.

Speak with an event caterer to learn more about your options for your next event.